6" 6 Hole Hook & Loop Sanding Discs


Serious Grit 6" 6 Hole sanding discs are premium film-backed discs designed to fit most 6" random orbital sanders. We offer grits from 80 - 800 for everything from rough shaping to fine finishing work. See below for compatibility guide.

Each box contains 50 sanding discs - except 40 grit and 60 grit boxes, which contain 25 discs each.

Mixed Grit box includes 10 discs of each - 80, 120, 150, 180, and 220 grit.

What makes Serious Grit seriously good sandpaper?

  • Lasts Longer - the heat treated aluminum oxide grain is self-sharpening so you get an even finish throughout the life of the disc.
  • Won't Tear - rather than the typical paper material most sanding discs use, ours use a super strong film material that is both waterproof and very resistant to tearing.
  • Doesn't Clog - when your discs clog up with material, they lose their effectiveness quickly. Ours use a proprietary non-loading open coat zing stearate that sheds the dust before it has a chance to clog up.
  • Reusable - our hook and loop material is made from a more expensive 60% nylon blend which enables it to be removed and reapplied more times than the competition. This means no more discs flying off your sander and less money wasted.

Compatible Sanders

  • Bosch 1250DEVS
  • Bosch 3727DEVS
  • Bosch ROS65VC-6
  • Ridgid R26111