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Our story

It all started in 2015 at a furniture store when I said the classic line: "I could build that for 1/4 of the price!" You know how the rest went...

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  • Less Clogging

    Proprietary non-loading open coat stearate that sheds dust before it clogs your disc.

  • Less Tearing

    Polyester film backing that's stronger than paper. No more torn edges when sanding uneven material.

  • Better Finish

    Heat-treated aluminum oxide grain that self-sharpens, giving you long-lasting performance and a consistent finish.

  • Best in Class!

    After about 3 weeks using your sanding discs, I can now say that it is by far the very best I’ve used!!

    -> William R.

  • Excellent Product

    Very noticeable difference over the big box stuff available.

    -> Matthew B.

  • Amazing!

    Great product. Was so impressed with the quality and performance of the sanding discs, I ordered more the next day.

    -> Nicholas F.

  • More Impressed Than I Thought!

    I have been using the big box store sandpaper for years but tired of using multiple sheets on one project. I decided to give Serious Grit a try because of the Sale on a sample pack. I will eventually have my drawer full of Serious Grit ONLY in the future!!

    -> Angelo V.

  • Great Sanding Discs

    I use my sander quite a bit, I've only changed discs once in the last couple weeks since they arrived and only because I needed a finer grit. The first disc is plenty serviceable. Far cry better than the junk I was using before that flew off and didn't last any time at all.

    -> Joseph H.

  • Great Discs!

    I've purchased discs from a number of other big maker names but found Serious Grit superior so far. The backing material, abrasive and coating all seem to combine to produce a superior product over the other brands I've used.

    -> Charles M.

  • The Best Paper I’ve Ever Used!

    Great people and a great product! The paper lasts far longer than any other brand I’ve used.

    -> Kabouter W.

  • Great sandpaper

    I recommend Serious Grit to everyone, even if they don’t need sandpaper.

    -> Herbert H.

  • Love it

    The best sand paper out there. My only paper I use in my shop now!

    -> Kyle G.

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