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Less Dust

Our proprietary non-loading open coat zinc stearate sheds dust before it clogs your disc and leaves you with uneven results.

Less Waste

Our film-backing is stronger than the typical paper-backed discs and our proprietary hook and loop material let's you reuse them over and over.

Better Finish

Our heat-treated aluminum oxide grain is self-sharpening, leading to a consistent finish and long-lasting performance.


I absolutely love the sandpaper. Very much superior to anything you get at the box stores. I work for myself building cypress furniture. And I will be using this product in the future.

This is absolutely the best sanding pad on the market hands down. We’ve literally used them all, and the competition is not even close

The same area that used up 6 "store brand" disks I used ONE Serious Grit disk and I put it back in the box because it still had life in it. It also took less time because it stays sharp.

BEST SANDPAPER I’VE EVER USED! Serious grit last longer removes more stock less swirl marks and stronger/thicker paper makes for better results with the more rustic style of furniture we build. Don’t hesitate - you won’t regret it.