Sanding Disc Sample Packs (10 discs each)

Size & Hole Pattern

Try out a sample pack and see why more people are switching to Serious Grit every day.

Each sample pack includes 10 total sanding discs:

  • 80 grit (2 discs)
  • 120 grit (2 discs)
  • 150 grit (2 discs)
  • 180 grit (2 discs)
  • 220 grit (2 discs)

Not sure what size or hole pattern to get? Find your sander here to see which Serious Grit discs are compatible with your random orbital sander. 

Serious Grit sanding discs are premium hook & loop film-backed discs. We offer grits from 40 - 2000 for everything from rough shaping to fine finishing work. 

What makes Serious Grit seriously good sandpaper?

  • Lasts Longer - the heat treated aluminum oxide grain is self-sharpening so you get an even finish throughout the life of the disc.
  • Won't Tear - rather than the typical paper material most sanding discs use, ours use a super strong film material that is both waterproof and very resistant to tearing.
  • Doesn't Clog - when your discs clog up with material, they lose their effectiveness quickly. Ours use a proprietary non-loading open coat zinc stearate that sheds the dust before it has a chance to clog up.
  • Reusable - our hook and loop material is made from a more expensive 60% nylon blend which enables it to be removed and reapplied more times than the competition. This means no more discs flying off your sander and less money wasted.

Serious Grit sanding discs are ideal for sanding all surfaces, including wood, metal, drywall, epoxy, and painted surfaces. Pick up a sample pack today and meet your new favorite sandpaper.