So you made a few cutting boards and now you have a bunch of pipe clamps in your garage.

Ever stubbed your toe on one of those? 

It ain't pretty...

pipe clamps on floor

Here's the worlds easiest way to get them up on the wall.

You'll be done in 30 min or less and chances are, you won't spend a dime. 

And if that isn't enough to sell you on how easy this is, you won't need any special tools - you could even build it with just a hand saw and a drill!

No routers, no table saw, no tricky cuts. It really is the most simple way to get pipe clamps off the floor and onto the wall. 

Here are all the tools I used for this quick job:

tools used for clamp rack

First, see how many pipe clamps you have. That will determine the width of the rack you'll need.

I recommend allowing about 3" per clamp. So if you have 8 clamps, you'll need two boards about 24" wide.

You can use a variety of things here - I used extra wood flooring that has been sitting around. You could also use 1x4 stock. It just needs to be no thicker than 1 1/4". 

pipe clamp rack material

Set the boards on the ground and overlap them as shown below by about 1". This measurement isn't critical, it just needs to be a minimum of 1/2".

overlap the boards

Screw them together in various places throughout the board. I just used 1" drywall screws here. It doesn't have to be fancy.

screw boards together

Next, find some empty wall space where you want to hang these. Use a stud finder to mark your stud locations.

empty wall space for pipe clamp rack

Put one screw through your rack and into a stud, then grab your level and get it level before screwing through the next stud. 

The clamps don't weigh a ton, so two studs is likely plenty to hang this.

Last step is to just hook the screw end of your clamps behind the top of your rack and voila, you're done!

easy pipe clamp rack method

simple pipe clamp rack

Do you like this method? If so, feel free to share it! Do you have other ideas to make it even better? Leave us a comment below!

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