40 Grit Sanding Discs

Size & Hole Pattern

Serious Grit 40 grit sanding discs are premium film-backed velcro discs designed to fit most 5" and 6" random orbital sanders with hook and loop backing pads. 

This is an extra coarse grit, used by woodworkers, metalworkers and DIYers for heavy stock removal, paint removal, or other very heavy sanding projects. It works well on metal and can be used for grinding or flattening imperfections. It also works well on softwoods where rough shaping or very heavy stock removal is desired. It has extremely strong cutting power and can be used standalone or in a progression with other grits from coarse to fine. It is typically not used with hardwoods or other furniture woodworking because the material removal rate is so high. 

Serious Grit 40 grit sandpaper uses aluminum oxide with fused zirconia. This gives the discs a much longer life vs standard aluminum oxide discs. They're also made with a premium heat treated zinc stearate coating to reduce clogging which helps prolong the life and reduce heat buildup.

What makes Serious Grit seriously good sandpaper?

  • Lasts Longer - the heat treated aluminum oxide grain is self-sharpening so you get an even finish throughout the life of the disc.
  • Won't Tear - rather than the typical paper material most sanding discs use, ours use a super strong film material that is both waterproof and very resistant to tearing.
  • Doesn't Clog - when your discs clog up with material, they lose their effectiveness quickly. Ours use a proprietary non-loading open coat zinc stearate that sheds the dust before it has a chance to clog up.
  • Reusable - our hook and loop material is made from a more expensive 60% nylon blend which enables it to be removed and reapplied more times than the competition. This means no more discs flying off your sander and less money wasted.

Choose the size and hole pattern that fits your random orbital sander:

  • 5" 8-Hole: Black & Decker BDCRO20C, Black & Decker BDERO100, Black & Decker BDERO600, Bosch 3725DEVS, Bosch GET65-5N, Bosch ROS10, Bosch ROS20VSC, Bosch ROS20VSK, Bosch ROS65VC-5, Craftsman CMCW220B, Craftsman CMEW231, Dewalt DCW200B, Dewalt DCW210B, Dewalt DCW210D1, Dewalt DCW210P1, Dewalt DWE6401DS, Dewalt DWE6420, Dewalt DWE6421, Dewalt DWE6421K, Dewalt DWE6423, Dewalt DWE6423K, Genesis GROS2304, Kobalt KOS 2450B-03, Makita BO5030, Makita BO5030K, Makita BO5031, Makita BO5041, Makita BO5041K, Makita GV5010, Makita XOB01T, Makita XOB01Z, Milwaukee 2648-20, Mirka DEROS 550X CV MID55020CAUS, Mirka PROS MRP-550CV, Mirka PROS MRP-550NV, Porter Cable 382, Porter Cable 382P, Porter Cable 97455, Porter Cable PCCW205B, Ridgid R26011, Ridgid R8606B, Ryobi P411, Skil SR211601, Stalwart HW5500049
  • 5" 9-Hole: Festool ETS 125 REQ, Festool ETSC 125, Festool ETS EC 125/3 EQ, Festool RO 125 FEQ
  • 6" 6-Hole: Bosch 1250DEVS, Bosch 3727DEVS, Bosch ROS65VC-6, Ridgid R26111
  • 6" 15-Hole: Bosch GET75-6N, Makita BO6050J, Mirka DEROS 5650CV, DEROS / CEROS 625CV, DEROS / CEROS 650CV, DEROS 680CV
  • 6" 49-Hole: Festool ETS 150/3 EQ, Festool ETS 150/5 EQ, Festool ETS EC 150/3 EQ, Festool ETS EC 150/5 EQ, Festool RO 150 FEQ Rotex

Serious Grit 40 grit sandpaper is available in 25-disc boxes. 

Looking for other grits?

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